WARNING: Civil War in America 2024 by Kevin WIkse

I have been publically warning about the CCP invasion and the Democrat Party inviting (Joe Biden's own words, "*garbled nonsense* We need to immediately  surge  the border" HERE ) a massive army of ILLEGALS into the United States to use for Political violence since 2018 (irrefutable fact) by using Remote Viewing and Scrying. My accuracy rating is well above 90%. NO ONE else has even come anywhere close. NO ONE. My prediction of COVID-19 in 2014 and associated events is a genuine act of one-of-a-kind arcane mastery. There is none other like it.  In my recent Remote Viewing session, I was shown that a planned and orchestrated Civil War in America is almost guaranteed to occur in late 2024 (most likely) or early 2025. I was shown many factors and associated events, but here are the eight main ones.  1. Staging a civil war is a planned response to prevent a Trump election victory.  2. The Chinese Communist Party will fund and arm Neo-Liberal street gangs.  3. The Chinese Mili

2030 Pole Shift: Cataclysmic Magnetic Pole Reversal Global Catastrophe by Kevin Wikse.

I had been on the radar since my childhood. Those aptitude and personality tests they give you in grade school mean more and go deeper than most are prepared to accept. I was already known as an intuitive; my course into the occult was charted, and my superior physical strength and martial skills were tested and proven.  I am the ONLY occultist and intuitive in the world to have predicted COVID-19 (its role in the 2020 election), Ebola, The border crisis, and the current CCP invasion of the US, as well as my Remote Influencing with the demise of Jeffrey Epstein. ALL of it I documented, and I provide links for HERE .  There is merit in ALL my claims.  I was eventually recruited into "intelligence" by the woman who coordinated the meeting between Arnold Schwarzenegger and a certain Senator to discuss Arnold's political ambitions. She had posed as a housekeeper for Arnold at his residence in Ketchum, Idaho. Two years later, Arnold was elected Governor of California. This wom

Kevin Wikse THE King Solomon of our age, Predicts COVID-19 in 2014! The Buer Prophecy and Evidentiary citation of claims by Kevin Wikse

I start with my usual shameless self-aggrandizements, sprinkle in some lesser-known information about myself, add a pinch of gratitude, and then get to the heart of the matter. I then finish with some sweet and delectable words of encouragement.  Enjoy!  2/22/24 If you don't know by now, I am a legitimately practicing Ceremonial Magician, an Adeptus Major of the Arcane, and welcomed within the deeper secrets of Haitian Voudo through the Makaya Society. As suspected, or flat out known by most of you, I was who channeled the fiery Marsarian spirit known publically as "Bear Heart," but whose real identity will remain secret.  My work with the occult is vast. Since 2009, I significantly changed and impacted the landscape of the modern occult world in ways that are still being felt. My Godfather, a Hougan Asogwe (Priest) of Haitian Voudu, bestowed on me the secretive "Shed of Rebellion," an Ogun and Petro Nation combined Voudu rite of Fire, Iron and Blood. A practice